A seamless approach

Building a pool and spa should be effortless. Having built hundreds of pools over more than 30 years we have developed a seamless approach which guarantees minimum fuss and maximum happiness.

The Personal Touch

The owner of Raft Pool visits your home and takes personal responsibility for building your pool from start to finish. We’ll talk through possible designs, share ideas and even take you to see other pools and spas we have built and introduce you to previous customers. We never stop communicating and meeting with you throughout the process.

Leave the red tape to us

Once you are happy with the design we take care of engineering reports, council planning and building approvals. All of our concrete pools and spas exceed the structural requirements set by local authorities. Building a safe and proper environment for you and your family is at the very heart of what we do.

Time-Tested Experience

We have worked many of our subcontractors for over 30 years. We all follow the same philosophy and high standards and all work is overseen by the owner of Raft Pool+Spa who is accountable for the construction process.

Hands-On Handover

The personal touch doesn’t end at building completion. We provide a full back-up service to help you maintain and get the most out of your pool or spa, including full training on handover, water testing and other maintenance services. We’re only ever a phone call away.