Your pool should last more than a lifetime and be easy to clean and maintain. Our high standards mean we only use the best products in our pools and spas. They are selected according to reliability, output, warranty and technical support. Some examples of our high standards include:

We over-specify your pump, filter and chlorinators to ensure a safe and healthy swimming or spa environment

All of our pools and spas use freshwater Ozone, which offers a much better alternative to salt or chlorine water

Pools and spas are tiled throughout, giving you an extremely high-class finish which is low-maintenance

Timers are automatic rather than manual, meaning minimal effort and ease of use

All pipes are Class 12 (not the standard Class 9) giving you additional peace of mind

Even the glue we use is the strongest in the marketplace

We can also supply a range of replacement
parts such as:

Pool covers and rollers
Pool and spa filters
Pool and spa pumps
Automatic pool cleaners
Pool and spa skimmer boxes